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By the great number of attractive places for tourists Lithuania can compete with many European countries. Medieval towns and castles, comfortable beach resorts, unique museums and beautiful nature. Lithuanian cuisine is very hearty and tasty, Lithuanians are friendly and hospitable, and the language barrier does not exist. Lithuanians are well-educated people and they speak fair English.

Lithuania , togather with Latvia and Estonia belongs to Baltic States. Vilnius is its capital and the largest city. The country is placed on the Baltic Sea coast and has the border with Russia, Belarus, Poland and Latvia. Over 80% of its population are Lithuanians, but many Polish and Russian people live there. Although the territory os the country is very small, there are more unique places than in any other largest country in Europe to see there.

Among the attractions of the capital the main attention should be paid to the Old Town. You can climb the Mount Gediminas to see how Viluns looks like from the bird's eye. The Cathedral placed near the hill is gorgeous, painted icons inside it are stunning, and Sunday or holiday service is impressive.

Sleek and tiny St. Anna's Church - a sample of the late Gothic epoch - is the most famous decoration of Vilnius. Changing of the Guard at the Presidential Palace is interesting because the Guards are dressed as medieval Lithuanian soldiers, and the ceremony differs from all of these in Europe.

Outside the Old Town you can visit the bohemian part of the Lithuanian capital - Užupis. Artistic action, plenty of private galleries, souvenir stores, and the main thing - the atmosphere of creative freedom and independence, will be remembered forever.

The central street of Vilnius - Gediminas Avenue - is opened for pedestrians during holidays. Here you can buy handicrafts, a real peasant bread, different kids of meat, sausages, cheeses.

The first capital of Lithuania - Kaunas - is known for its Devil's Museum. Its collection has about 3,000 pieces collected over the 50 years. You will not find something like this museum elsewhere. The unique collection displays lots of statues and small figures of all kinds of devils. Art lovers will be interested in Čiurlionis Art Museum.

The lovers of historic buildings have to visit Kaunas Castle, built in the Gothic style. The 9th Fort, the former death camp, where tens of thousands of Jews were killed during World War II, is now a museum. A "must visit" cafe in Kaunas is "Berneliu UŽEIGA". The national cuisine there is tasty, and the service is simply delicious.

Klaipeda is the most famous seaside resort in Lithuania. Clean sandy beaches and clear sea attract tourists from all countries. The Lithuanian Sea Museum has got an Aquarium and Dolphinarium. Unique Clock and Watch Museum in Klaipeda exposures several thousands of solar, sand, fire, water, mechanical, quartz and other clocks.

The second most important seaside resort of Lithuania is Palanga. The most famous there is Palanga Amber Museum. Villa of Tyszkiewicz counts deserves attention also. Boat trips and excursions to the Curonian Spit (UNESCO heritage centre) is the most popular tourist attraction. Palanga beaches are slightly better than Klaipeda beaches. There are less tourists here, and the prices are lower.

There is another mystical place in this country - the Hill of Crosses in Šiauliai. The small hill is covered with crosses - from huge ones to small wearable. Guides will tell you legends associated with this place. The main belief here is that you have to leave any cross on the hill, and the luck will come to you. Everybody wants to be happy and lucky, so the hill is always full of tourists leaving their crosses on it.

Trakai Castle makes Lithuania recognizeable at most of the photos. This medieval castle is placed at the island in Lake Troki. Fully restored, the museum is full of unique artifacts.

The best time to come to Lithuania is summer. However, there are festivals which you can get into during May- october period. At this time there are numerous fairs, forums and fests in the country.

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