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A dwarf dominion Liechtenstein is situated in Central Europe bordering with Austria in the East and with Switzerland. The country got its name after the ruling dynasty family name. The capital is the city of Vadu. Official language is German. By December, 31 2011 the population of the dominion was more than 36,000 people. The country is reined by the prince Hans-Adam II that ascended to the throne in 1989.

Places of interest

This country is extremely attractive for tourists, especially its capital, where there are about five thousand people live. Exactly in Vaduz there are main curious places every visitor would like and should see. You can visit the Museum of Stamps, National Museum, Gothis Chapel of Saint Anna (XV century), Wine Factory for those who understands the true taste of wine. Art fans can visit State Art collection that exhibits masterpieces collected by the dukes of Lichtenstein since XII century. One of the most popular places is the medieval ducal castle and functioning residence of the ruling dynasty.

Though, the capital is not the largest city in Lichtenstein, Schaan is larger. There is the most ancient temple in the country – the Church of St. Peter; its fundamental is dated by the V century. There is also the Museum of Ethnic Walser commune.

Another city - Feldkirch is famous for numerous medieval buildings that are preserved till today in excellent condition. It would be even interesting for the children, for there is a small but cozy zoo, where animals are kept in the conditions very close to real areas of inhabitance. This country is also a place for the gourmets. The cuisine of Lichtenstein was greatly influenced by Switzerland and Germany. The dominion is very famous for the cheese and sore milk meals. It is curious, but the food here is much spiced, which is not very typical for European cuisines. You can try delicious Swiss «fondue» and «fua-gra». You can see the similarity with the German cuisine by abundance of various big and small sausages, ribs and game dishes. All the dishes are served with traditional garnish – sore cabbage. From the bird’s eye view you can enjoy the dominion panorama right from the paraplane. One of the most popular winter resorts is Malbun-Steg. It is perfect for the family vacations. Here you can enjoy every piece of good vacations: sports competitions, contests, cozy rooms and national cuisine.

Liechtenstein map

Popural cities in Liechtenstein