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Kyrgyzstan is an amazing country with magnificent mountain scenery, picturesque lakes, vast forests and snow-white glaciers. This land attracts tourists -Tien Shan Mountains are popular with climbers. Special healing muds and mineral springs existence is the main reason to come there if you want to improve your health. Although Kyrgyzstan does not have the luxury of ancient cities, the simplicity and grandeur of its nature conquer the hearts of those who come to this hospitable land.

Tien Shan and Pamir-Alai mountain systems are known even for small students. The largest valleys - Chui and Fergan are also popular. The highest point - Pobeda Peak (7439m) - is located on the border with China. Kyrgyzstan is divided into two geographical areas - south-west and north.

Bishkek, the country capital is the most convenient place to start the journey over this amazing country. There are many museums, art galleries, theaters in this relatively new ( founded in 1825) city.

Osh, the large city on the south of the country, is placed in the Fergana Valley. Mount Suleiman, attracts pilgrims from all countries. According to legend, the Prophet Sulayman (the Biblical King Solomon) turned to God from this mountain. The stones kept imprints of his forehead and knees, and today a mosque is built there.

The third largest city in Kyrgyzstan, Jalal-Abad offers tourists a wide choice of hospitals and health centers located close to the hot springs. Lake Issyk-Kul, is famous for its clear blue waters, sandy beaches, forests and picturesque surroundings. The mineral water of the lake is good for health. Karakol is the place nearby where you will see the wooden mosque resembling a Buddhist pagoda, built without a single nail.

Another lovely attraction in Kyrgyzstan is jailoo tourism. It is a wonderful adventure, a very unusual experience and a true relaxation for body and soul. Tourists are proposed to live in a yurt of a shepherd in the highland pastures. You have all possibilities for hunting, horseback riding, enjoying the meals cooked over a campfire. This "shake-up" journey and excitement is necessary to those who are tired from the bustle of the metropolis.

Kyrgyzstan is famous for its carpets of wool covered with spectacular national patterns. Despite their high cost, the carpets quality and durability are impressive. In addition, you can bring leather goods - shoes and bags, wooden boxes, stands, cases and chests. All of this can be purchased at the markets and local "bazaars".

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