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Of all the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf Kuwait lives mainly due to revenues from oil and gas exports. In Kuwait everything looks luxurious.Travelling to this arabic country you will see for sure Kuwait Towers. These elegant 3 water towers symbolize Kuwait today. Kuwait does not have any fresh water. Therefore, fresh water is exported or produced in special plants.

The Exhibition Centre is an ultra-modern complex which is devoted to the history of discovery and production of oil in Kuwait. All the processes how to get oil are shown there.

Elysium SPA-center is very popular. This sports and entertainment center combines numerous stuff to help you improving health and spend nice time.There are facilities for aerobics, gym with the latest equipment, courts for squash and a swimming pool with controlled temperature there. SPA-procedures, jacuzzi, sauna, tennis courts and other amusements which Elysium offers to all of their customers made it the popular place for tourists as well.

The country has a unique Archaeological Reserve placed on the island of Failaka. The island is located in the north-western part of the Gulf.The ruins of ancient dwellings, images of stars and planets on stone prove that Failaka had a well-developed culture. It was part of the ancient civilization. Temples Ikaros and Asuka should be visited as well.

Although Kuwait is a small country, the rest spent there will be great. SPA, nice hotels, excellent food and elite shopping will make your tour unforgettable.

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