Kosovo Information & Trip Planning

Kosovo was partially recognized as a state. There are almost no signs of the recent war, and new hotels has already appeared. All cities have a place where you can stay at. If you go to visit Pristina, you may book a hotel through the Internet. Pristina, the capital, has Albanian flags everywhere. Local people love Americans - there are even Bill Clinton Boulevard and George Bush Jr. Street there.

This land has many monasteries and churches. The Patriarchate of Pec monastery is older than the others. Ancient manuscripts are kept there. Banska Monastery has the tomb of the Serbian King Milutin.

Ethnographic Museum in Kosovo is very good. The exposition is interesting - the objects of everyday life, culture and applied arts are presented there. Everything will tell you about Serbs and Albanians who lived in these places.

There is no sea in Kosovo, but ski resorts there are excellent. Locals go to rest near the clear lakes. Traditional cuisine dishes are made of meat and vegetables. Locals use dairy products everywhere.

Kosovo map

Popural cities in Kosovo