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Kenya got its independence from Great Britain over 50 years ago. Today this African country which is placed at Equator latitude is visited with millions of people. Mostly tourism brings profit to the country.

The climate of the country is dry and hot. However, Lake Victoria territory has a high humidity. It is the biggest one tropical lake in the world with fresh water which is visited by millions of tourists each year.

Kenya has the richest world of wild animals on the Earth. Hunting in Kenya is strictly prohibited, but the tourists are welcomed to visit the numerous national parks to watch predators, reptiles and birds in their natural living conditions. The extreme tourism offers climbing to Mount Kenya. The mountain has the highest peak of 5199 m. Mount Kenya is the former volcano. The peaks of it are always covered with snow.

Visiting Kenya National Park which is placed at Lake Nakuru you will be amazed watching millions of flamingos. Here the population of these birds with pink feathers is bigger than elsewhere in the world. When millions of birds gather on the lake it seems there is a waving blanket of different shades of pink.

Kenya is the paradise for those people who love nature and "hunt" for the places with unique features. Great Rift Valley near Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, is a geological wonder of the world. It is the deepest tectonic fault that starts in Jordan, and ends in Mozambique.

A tour to Kenya gives tourists a unique chance to watch the chain of sleeping volcanoes. A huge National park is placed near one of them.

There you will watch the life of lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants wandering under olive trees and cedars, ferns and giant bamboo. In the country you will meet the rare species of giraffes - Rothschild. You can even get a kiss from the animal with the longest neck in the world.

Mombasa - the second largest city in Kenya after Nairobi - has a unique construction - Fort Jesus. The old fortress, built by Italian architect Joao Batista Kairat served as a barrier against the Turks and militant African tribes. It was built in such a way that it resembles a human being from the height - the head, hands and feet. For that time, the Fort was a real masterpiece of architecture.

Those tourists who miss hippies times will find their paradise at Lamu - the island not far from Mombasa. It seems civilization did not reach this land. Donkeys replaced cars for the people living and staying there. The single town on the island is full of people waring African and Arabic clothing. There are few houses for people there, but you will see a cute hospital built to treat animals.

As a rule a traveller is given the needed vaccination before he goes to this African country. Thus, it is important to plan your Nairobi-Mombasa tour beforehand. If you do everything as it is recommended you will get the best rest and the richest experience you could only have.

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