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Kazakhstan is a large country placed in the northern hemisphere. This land takes the territory which is the border of Europe and Asia. Kazakhstan has a unique landscape. Here you can find desert areas, green meadows and mountains.The country has many clean lakes and rivers. Kazakhstan is very unusual in its cultural background - old traditions and modern technologies live together here. The unique natural wealth, many folk customs and traditions attract tourists to the republic. The capital of Kazakhstan - Astana has been "the main city" of Kazakhstan since 1997, thus most of its buildings are modern. Astana has a huge Oceanarium , the Ethnographic Park "Atameken" with relief map of the state on a huge area. It presents all the cities and historical places of Kazakhstan in miniature.

Mountain peaks and sparkling glaciers, fast rivers and emerald lakes, boundless steppe and semi-desert lands, green forests and unique wildlife - this is the picture which is opened to a traveller coming to Kazakhstan. The country resembles an open air museum. It is rich in natural attractions - Lake Burabay, Charyn river canyon and the incredible beauty of the alpine meadows.  

Many tourists come to this land to improve their health. The main medical factor of Kazakhstan is the climate. There are 50 climatic areas in the country. The second important factor which helps to heal people is its balneological component. There are about 500 mineral springs and 80 lakes with mud with healing properties there.

Mineral waters of Kazakhstan help in curing many diseases.In the warmer months, from May to September you can book a tour on Pantotheraphy and leisure in the Altai Mountains. One of these health centers (Aksuu) is located in the East Kazakhstan region, near the Mount Belukha.The treatment includes baths and inhalations with the special sruff based on extracts from antlers, antler wraps and massage with antler extract. You should visit these SPA about 5-8 days. These procedures have antidepressant and anti-aging effect on the human body.

The country has its own national features. Kazakhstan is a very friendly country, and aged people are respected everywhere. Thus it is recommended to keep to these traditions showing the respect to  everyone who is older. If you are invited to the family of a local, you will be treated. The food in Kazakhstan is rich with meat. Large pieces of boiled meat can be served on a large plate. Milk products and tea is always served at the table.

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Popural cities in Kazakhstan