Jamaica Information & Trip Planning

Jamaican climate is tropical and humid. The air temperature in winter and summer is nearly the same.

In Jamaica many hotels from small inns to cozy ultramodern complexes are disposed.

The souvenirs in great request are handicrafts, the famed rum Appleton and recognized as the best coffee Mountain Blue. 

Jamaican culinary tastes are a mix of the African, Spanish, Caribbean and English cooking traditions. Local chefs are mainly overlap for seafood, fruit and vegetables, poultry and pork – all food is profusely spiced.

The popular resorts of the country are White House Bay on the south of Jamaica and Runaway Bay – resort, enclosed by emerald mountains on all sides. They are very quiet and peaceful.

Things that are worth doing in Jamaica:

  • Visiting the Ocho Rios resort town and Dunns River Falls, the major sights of Jamaica.
  • Rafting in the Mountain Valley and down the River Martha Brae and Black River surrounded by distinctive plants growing on the banks.
  • Sea Cruise – sailing on a catamaran: coral bay, snorkeling, cocktail rum coupled with music on the deck.
  • A journey to Kingston and its historic district “Spanish Town”.
  • Visiting the House Museum of Bob Marley.
  • "National Park and the waterfalls" – traveling to the southern region of Jamaica to the banks of the Black River.
  • Ostrich ride in the famous Keshu park near the southern shore of the island.
  • Admire the sunset on a 1.4 mile high blue peak in the east of Jamaica.
  • Hand-feed the hummingbirds in a nature reserve Montego Bay.

Jamaica map

Popural cities in Jamaica