Ivory Coast Information & Trip Planning

Placed at the Gulf of Guinea, Ivory Coast is an African country with a number of beaches. The best beaches are stretched along the city of Sassandra. Once Sassandra was the main port of the country. Today it is a calm, tourist place with numerous surf schools.

Ivory Coast is a well developed country which exports cocoa and coffee. Oil and natural gas were recently found there.

Till 1984 Abidjan was the capital, now it’s just a huge metropolis. European travelers call it the "African New York"- there are many skyscrapers there and the city is partly placed on small islands. Abidjan has many hotels with European service. Yamoussoukro is the new capital.The biggest Catholic church in the world - Basilica of Our Lady of Peace can be seen there.

Museum of Civilization in Abidjan is the main museum of the country. It keeps the collections of folk art of Baule and Yakub tribes, ivory stuff, ritual masks and household items.

Every year tourists can watch the bright feasts and festivals dedicated to local deities and Independence Day. The most significant event - the Festival of Masks is held in February. Beach holidays in Ivory Coast are standard, but many travelers come there just for surfing.

Tropical forests of Ivory Coast are being cut down fast, but the National Park Kamoe saved beautiful wildlife. There you will see tall tropical trees ,long creepers and rare species: chimpanzees, Lycaon Pictus, countless birds.To visit the park you must obtain permission from the Ministry of Forests.

Ivory Coast map

Popural cities in Ivory Coast