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The birthplace of Renaissance and the epicenter of the Roman Empire Italy is a highly required tourist destination. Being the home of Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Primavera, Michelangelo's David and Andrea Palladio's classic villas, Italy magnetizes with valuable cultural heritage and serves as home for the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Situated in the Southern Europe, Italy has a population of about 60 millions. Rome is the capital of the country and a highly exciting city the world has ever seen! Visiting the Colosseum in Rome one experiences the greatest rush of contradictory emotions.

Yet, what attracts in Rome most of all is that the whole Italian culture is literally all around you! The frescoes by Raphael, paintings by Caravaggio and magnificent sculptures by Michelangelo are not locked away from people's view in Rome. 

Other fascinating cities in Italy promising to stay in every tourist's memory forever are Florence, Venice, Campania, Sardinia, the Veneto, Milan, etc. These magnificent tourist places are waiting to present you with unforgettable and exclusive rest experience! The golden sand and blue waters of Sardinia are sure to provide you with the most enchanting sunbathing and swimming activities, while Turin, Piedmont, the Italian Riviera are there to enrich your inner world, open new cultural horizons in front of you and satisfy your aesthetic hunger. Visit the breathtaking country Italy to discover the real museum under the open sky!

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