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Iran is the birthplace of one of the greatest empires and one of the most distinctive countries in Asia. A vast country, stretching from the warm sea to the snow-capped mountain peaks, Iran has a unique set of truly interesting monuments that can be considered property of the whole civilization. In the hidden depths of Iran there are the richest historical relics: ancient ruins, dilapidated cities, statues and archaeological excavations of ancient dynasties.

Travelers will find here ancient cities, many of which are quite contemporary, unique pieces of art and architecture, arid deserts with precious oases of green forests and mountain areas, amazing history, coming only from the official sources which are about 5 thousand years, and the original people with their unique culture, examples of millennial coexistence of different religious communities, with an immense cultural heritage, guarded, no matter what the vicissitudes of history, and centuries-old tradition of decorative art.

The country is very rich in caves, the most interesting of which can be found in the provinces of Azerbaijan and Kurdistan, near Hamadan, about Isfahan and Tehran.

Alborz mountains are attractive from the point of view of mountaineering and climbing. The ski resorts of Shemshak allow practice all winter sports from November to April. Mountain river in the district of Karaj is rich in trout, and the coast of the Caspian sea is considered to be one of the best fishing places on the Earth.

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