Hungary Information & Trip Planning

Hungary is a middle-sized beautiful country, located in Central Europe. Many people visit Hungary to visit notable historical places, enjoy spa procedures and taste delicious specialties of Magyars cuisine.

Cities and villages

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, actually consists of two cities, separated by the Danube river. Buda is a green city with many interesting historic buildings and landmark; Pest is a cosmopolitan city with attractions, restaurants, discos suited to every fancy. Other big cities, such as Szeged, Debrecen, Szekesfehervar, Kecskemet, also combine unique culture-historical sites with modern offices and entertainment centers. Villages in Hungary are small and quiet, with romantic landscape scenes, green valleys, gently sloping hills and lovely houses.

Heritage sites

Hungary is popular for many delightful castles, palaces, forts and monasteries. One of the most impressive sightseeing is Visegrad Royal Palace, situated in the Danube Bend. It was built in 1316; this palace was known as one of the most beautiful royal residences of Europe. Today the palace is partially ruined, however, it still has unique royal charm.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge is another remarkable sightseeing. It is one of the eldest European bridges with beautiful construction. During the nights this bridge is illuminated with thousands of electric bulbs.

Recreation and spa

Hungary is rich for spa towns and recreational centers with bathes and warm springs. In Heviz, the largest thermal lake in Europe is located. The water in Heviz Lake is warm (38 °C) and there is the medicinal mud on its bottom. Gorgeous water lilies dot Heviz Lake, so people come there to enjoy the glory of nature and improve their health. Turkish baths are also very popular in Hungary. Their healing effects are valued highly by the tourists from all over the Europe.

The Magyar cuisine: goulash, paprikas, and Dobosh cake

Traditional Hungarian cuisine is on roasted or stewed meat (pork, poultry, beef, lamb), fresh and heat-treated vegetables, dairy and cheeses, fresh bread and bakery. The Magyars adore different spices, such as hot or sweet paprika, oregano, marjoram, garlic, coriander, cinnamon, and black peppercorn and add them everywhere, from soups to sweets.

As for the specialties, the Hungary is famous for meat dishes, such as paprikas (stewed meat in special creamy paprika sauce), goulash (beef or pork stewed in lots of thick gravy), winter salami (spicy pork sausage, smoked slowly). Hungarian cheeses (Pannonia, Trappista, and Pálpusztai) are made of cow milk and have a soft texture and mild taste. Hungary is the country of origin of famous Dobosh torte – layered sponge cake with chocolate cream and sweet caramel topping.

Hungary map

Popural cities in Hungary