Guinea Information & Trip Planning

Guinea can be called a "classic" country of equatorial Africa, so there are not so many tourists there. Hotels are  placed only in the capital, Accra. Most of them are very expensive, but not each hotel can brag with an air conditioner presence.

Conakry is the Guinea’s capital. It is placed on a narrow cape  and therefore it can't expand. Overcrowded, with the eternal traffic jam, it is not the best place to stay at for a long time. The other large cities of the country are Kindia and Kankan.

Most tourists  come there to visit the Mount Nimba Nature Reserve, located near the border of the state where it meets Ivory Coast. This place is considered to be a geographically unique region of our planet. The wild nature there is almost untouched by man.

There you can see antelopes, chimpanzees, wild cats, martens, lions. Reserve flora has over 3,000 species of plants. This is the only place in Africa where you can meet forest leopards. Fouta Djallon Plateau is the place where tourists come to admire the emerald forests and beautiful scenery.

Guinea National Museum is the only one museum of the country. It has artifacts from different eras found in the country. Tourists like watching ritual masks and home stuff used by numerous nationalities of the country. In some rooms you can see the original painting of Guinean artists.

The country does not have any official resorts . Locals rest on the Ile de Los, which could be a wonderful tourist destination. The place has excellent beaches, mild climate and beautiful nature.

Guinea map

Popural cities in Guinea