Guinea-Bissau Information & Trip Planning

Guinea-Bissau is a small country in West Africa placed close to Senegal. The country's capital - the city of Bissau is a compact city with architecture in colonial style. Although this country was a  Portuguese colony, this language is clear only for 10-15% of people living in this poor country. Most people speak or understand Crioulo, the mixture of Portuguese dialects. The main activity of population is agriculture (cashew nuts and corn) and livestock.

The country does not have any national parks and historic attractions due to the small size of the country. Tourists visit Guinea-Bissau  when travelling through the countries of West Africa, The come there just to look at the way of life of local residents and architecture of the cities.  Good environment and ecology here may be considered the best attraction. Bolama Island is a great place to enjoy the unspoiled nature and fresh air.

The country has only one Museum of African artifacts. The museum is placed in the capital.  For such a small country collection presented there is great. You can find prehistoric sculptures, and crafts, decorative and applied arts items. There are more specific entertainments there. The islands are good for fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and other similar activities. Surprisingly, Guinea-Bissau has not so bad roads, and  you can easily travel by car there. The main transport in cities are small buses and taxis.

Guinea-Bissau map

Popural cities in Guinea-Bissau