Guatemala Information & Trip Planning

Guatemala is a colorful country in Central America. One of the important centers of the Mayan civilization.

Lying around Antigua mountainous terrain there are sloping mountains, lakes, mountain rivers and scenic deep valleys. Here you should visit the magnificent Caldera lake near Panajachel, traditional Amerindian village of Santa Maria de Jesus and Santiago.

Beautiful volcanic area around Quetzaltenango is also full of absorbing places. Here you can see the hot springs in Los Vahos and Fuentes Georginas, picturesque village Sunil center for the production of traditional local clothing, or a center for the production of fine wool - Momostenango.

Located at 548 km to the North from the capital, the largest city of the great Mayan civilization Tikal is situated.

Further to the South the beautiful lake Lago de Petexbatun lies, abundant wildlife flourishes and Mayan ruins stand.

Picturesque town of Livingston is famous for its unique blend of Guatemalan and Caribbean cultures. This is the best place for sea fishing.

It is worth noting the numerous lakes of Guatemala, famous for its beauty complement the beauty of the volcanoes nearby. These lakes attract tourists not only with their beauty, but also with the legends made up around them.

Along both coasts there are resorts that are now in the process of rapid development.

Guatemala map

Popural cities in Guatemala