Grenada Information & Trip Planning

State of Grenada is located in Lesser Antilles in the West Indies and it occupies a large island and a small group of islands Southern Grenadines. Grenada is an island of volcanic origin with a rugged coastline, coral reefs and convenient bays. 

The climate of Grenada is sub-equatorial and tropical. The period from January to May is dry. Hurricanes are possible from June to November.

Major resort areas of Grenada are Grand Anse and Morne Rouge. The coastline here is a long strip of beach with plenty of restaurants and hotels.

Grenville is the second largest city of Grenada. Every year the festival "Rainbow City" celebrates the liberation from slavery.

The sea is very calm, because the coast is securely covered by coral reefs.

All the main entertainments in Grenada are related to the sea: scuba diving, snorkeling, yachting, fishing. There is also a golf course on the island.

Grenada waters store traces of dozens of shipwrecks, which are of particular interest for divers. The best places for diving are Reef Bos, Tyrrel bays, Dragon Bay and Grand Mal Point. A tiny island Jenny is widely known for its extremely pure transparent waters.

Pointe Molyneux, Flamingo Bay and Uibbl reef accessible only by boat are great for snorkeling.

Grenada map

Popural cities in Grenada