Ghana Information & Trip Planning

Compared to other African countries, Ghana is a very stable country - no civil wars, own industry, constitutional presidential elections. Ghana is rich in minerals. Local residents are engaged in agriculture growing cocoa beans, oranges and tomatoes or in mining. Gold is mined - the country name is translated as "Gold Coast", there is much silver and manganese in this land.

Accra is the capital and developing city which is known for its rich nightlife. Kumasi - the former capital of the medieval Ghana, is its cultural center. The city is full of craft centers where you can get acquainted with the culture of the country.

As any African country Ghana has rich wildlife. Nature reserves and their inhabitants, sand dunes, mangroves, unusual landscapes should be seen. The National Park Kakuma is known for its suspension bridges: you can walk above the tropical forest. Thus, tourists watch wildlife better -  elephants, monkeys, antelopes and more than 200 species of birds can be pictured.

National Museum of Ghana in Accra is the oldest in the country. Museum exhibits will tell you a lot about the history of the country and its people, starting almost from the prehistoric era. The collection of ritual masks, tombstones, frescoes, sculptures, bronze busts is in very good condition.

Ghana has many beaches, but with some African features. Thus it is better to swim close to your hotel. The coastal area has many hotels with high-quality leisure facilities, swimming pools and clean beaches.

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