Georgia Information & Trip Planning

Georgia is a Caucasus country, characterized by vibrant atmosphere of hospitability and friendly natives. Visiting of the country will give you the sense of coziness and homelike feeling. Georgia will not give you great comfort but staying here will sure bring you a lot of positive emotions. 

The capital of Georgia gives a lot of opportunities: to visit Orthodox churches; to walk up to the Narikala fortress and Juma mosque on the mountain of David; to make bright pictures of unusual sights of Georgia bridge of Peace; to circumvent popular monuments of Tbilisi — "Mimino", "Mother Georgia", "David the Builder" and many others. Consistently sulfur baths located in the Old town arouse the interest of tourists. Definetely  visit Tbilisi zoo and one of the performances of the famous marionette Theatre Rezo Gabriadze.

Attractions in Batumi, a major port and tourist center in Georgia, is strikingly diverse attention. And if in the Old town significant buildings and churches of several different denominations are concentrated historically, new areas create the appearance of a high-rise metropolis with a very unusual monuments.

For example, the Monument to the Georgian alphabet is a 130-metre height building with an observation deck, and the House of justice resembles the shape of an inverted bottle. A very special monument is a moving sculpture of love "Ali & Nino". An island of Italy in Batumi Piazza is a popular place for walking and relaxing in restaurants.

The city of Kutaisi in Western Georgia attracts travelers and pilgrims located in its vicinity the large monasteries Gelati and Motsameta. Bagrati Cathedral — the symbol of the city. Less known, however, noteworthy attractions are: the Geguti Palace, a Royal residence Including Chardakhi and a huge historical Museum.

Trip to Mtskheta will allow seeing the legendary ancient sights of Georgia,included into UNESCO list. Ancient Christian monastery Jvari — the most popular historical and architectural monument in the country. Open for viewing is the majestic Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, the medieval fortress Ananuri monastery complex Samtavro and other stunning sights of Mtskheta.

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