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Gambia is the smallest country in Africa placed in the North-West of the country. Banjul, its capital, is a typical African city with chaotic traffic, garbage on the roads and colonial architecture. As Gambia was a British colony, English is understood everywhere. The majority of the population in Gambia is engaged in agriculture. In this country life activities are divided according to genders: men grow peanuts, women - rice, men are soldiers, women work in the police.

The nature of the country is very beautiful. Oyster Bay is the place where thousands of migratory birds gather and mangrove forests grow. The country has  large plantations of baobabs. The lifespan of some trees can reach 5,000 years. Crocodile Pool near Banjul ( Gambia capital)  had a sacred significance for local residents. They performed magic rituals there. Chimpanzee sanctuary is a popular shelter for young  orphaned chimpanzees.

Gambia National Museum has many archaeological units from Paleolithic times till our days. The Ethnographic Museum in Kerr Butch has a famous collection of stone circles. If you wish to see the life of local residents, welcome to Tanja village museum. 

Serekunda is a tourist city and the business capital of the country. It has several beach resorts - Kotu, Fajara, Kololi, Bakau. They have good coastlines, clean beaches, beautiful nature and calm ocean. When you feel tired of sunbathing go fishing, diving or visit national parks and reserves. Year after year the Gambia becomes more attractive to tourists.

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