Gabon Information & Trip Planning

Placed on the Atlantic coast of Central Africa Gabon is one of the most successful countries of the Black Continent, so that the tourism industry in the country flourishes. French (locals speak it) makes it easier to mix with tourists coming there from other places including Europe and North America. Libreville - the capital, Port Gentil and Moanda are the main cities of Gabon.

There are 13 national parks in Gabon, and Loango Park is a real pearl. The lovers of water sports will enjoy boating on Loa Loa, which allows to discover the natural beauty of Gabon. Those who are seeking for cultural values should visit the church of San Michele.

Gabon has many museums.  The museum dedicated to the arts and traditions in Libreville is a "must visit" place. Many masks and a huge number of national arts and crafts units will impress any visitor. Lambrene has the Ethnography and missionary museum  that will tell you about traditions of Gabon tribes.

The most successful resorts of the country are Pointe-Denis Beach and Sogara Beach. Port Moe resort is also very popular. Those who want to visit Lambrene will see beautiful nature, the island Manji has many clubs and rich beach and restaurant life. Cape Lopez is a colorful corner of this place.

In Gabon you can visit many places to appreciate and to evaluate the extravagance of the national cuisine. For those who prefer active rest water parks offer the family fun. The popular leisure is safari. There you will explore the natural beauty of Gabon and its wildlife.

Gabon map

Popural cities in Gabon