Fiji Information & Trip Planning

Fiji is regarded the most developed tourist state in Oceania.

All the prerequisites for this are pretty obvious: over 300 islands with striking blue lagoons, picturesque shores and hills sheltered with evergreen forests. About 100 islands are inhabited, the rest are uninhabited. Here snorkellers and underwater hunters will have a great time; riding on boards, kayaking and waterskiing are also available. The biggest islands have varied and interesting flora and fauna.

Fiji climate conditions are tropical, hot and humid. Rains are regular on the windward slopes and rare in the lowlands, they mostly fall in the summer months. Since Fiji is situated in the very heart of Pacific cyclone belt, hurricanes come in November and last till April.

Wedding ceremonies held in the Fiji Islands are nice and spectacular, so many people attend the country just to get married. The newlyweds say that the best isle for the wedding is Yasawa.

Denarau Island represents a small secluded land where there are two hotels and a golf club. The island is detached from Viti Levu by a narrow channel where a road bridge is spanned through.

Vatulele has endless white sandy beaches, groves of palms and a dozen of luxury villas, placed separately from each other, and each one possesses its own beach line.

Vakayya is a small isle that hosts only up to 12 guests at the same time. It’s a place perfectly suiting for honeymooners, providing them with complete privacy.

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