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The Horn of Africa is enriched with Ethiopia. The latter is a truly fascinating country with about 75-million population. Being the second nation in the world that adopted Christian officially, Ethiopia offers amazing castles, ancient tombs, obelisks of Aksum and other historical treasures on its fertile highlands. Particularly in Ethiopia a tourist can enjoy the Bale Mountains National Park that offers dozens of unique birds and animals seen nowhere else in the world. The innumerable interactions and tremendous trekking that this park provides are sure never to leave you without recollections. Meanwhile for extreme adventures try visiting hostile and attractive environment of the Danakil Depression in Northern Ethiopia.

Yet, if you would like to see how ancient tribes of Africa live today, you may face several of the most fascinating African tribes in the remote lowlands laid to the south-west of the country. Amazingly dramatic are Ethiopia's landscapes in the Simien Mountains. Enchanting with their powerful heights and splendid nature sights, they tend to become the most required destinations of Ethiopia.

Anyway, once you are in Ethiopia do not miss a single chance to visit the Rock-Hewn churches, the Royal Enclosure, Addis Ababa, Harar, Bahir Dar; Lake Tana, etc. Addis Ababa has been capturing visitors’ imagination since it was established in the 19th century. Ethiopia is truly a mystical and ancient world that is worth admiring and worshiping!

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