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Eritrea is situated in the north-east of Africa.

The Red Sea attracts the tourists from all over the world. There are hundreds of unique sea creatures live in the depth. This is an ideal place for diving.

Eritrea conquers the tourists by its picturesque nature, wonderful beaches, ancient monuments and hospitality of local people. 

Eritrea is one of the hottest places on the Earth.

The larger part of the country is mountainous. Flora and fauna is very diverse. At the coast you can find date palms, eucalyptuses, agave and baobabs.
In number of mysteries and historical secrets Eritrea can be easily compared with Greece or Egypt. Historical monuments, picturesque nature, Red sea underwater world, underground cities Nakfa, wonderful beaches of Massawa — all this attracts tourists to this exotic country. 

The larger part of the places of interest unfortunately, was destroyed during the many-year war. Only the capital Asmera managed to preserve its monuments and Italian architectural style. 

Start your walking trip from its main street — Liberacion Ave. Here you can see the Castle of the Governor, Opera House, Catholic cathedral, City mosque and impressive façade of Cinema Impero. Literally you can feel the breath of Italian culture everywhere here. 

It would be also interesting to visit a so called Tank cemetery where you can see the hundreds of various tanks, armored vehicles and other military equipment.

Eritrea is one of the hottest places on the Earth with subequatorial semi-desert and desert climate.

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