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Ecuador, which means "equator" in Spanish, lies on both sides of this imaginary line of the globe. The most unique countries in the continent, featuring a huge mountain system with a huge number of dormant and active volcanoes, Amazonia, with its diversed natural world and pagan tribes, the long beach coast and dozens of mountain leisure resorts, Ecuador is ideal for outdoor recreation. The historical heritage of Ecuador is also worth attention and attracts lovers of cultural tourism.

Quito is really the most beautiful city in whole South America. It is located on a high plato and is only 22 km to the South from the equator, which gives it a very comfortable climate and breathtaking views of mountain ranges with snowy peaks, that are visible from any point in the city. From the West the town is surrounded by steep walls of volcanic mountain of Pichincha, the main volcano which occasionally throws into the sky above Quito ash clouds, and in an easterly direction the streets pretty cool run down to the wide valley known as Valle de Los Chillos, gradually descending to  Amazon basin.

Just 15 minutes to the North from Quito is the equator, which is a cultural and entertainment complex Ciudad "Middle of the world" with lots of colonial style buildings, shops, restaurants and museums, including the Museum of Ethnography and cultural organization, Fundacion-Quito-Colonial and Keats Museum, and a 30-meter monument marking the zero latitude. The complex offers fantastic sights of the ancient volcano Pululahua, with huge crater (the total area of 3400 hectares) 

In the nearby areas of Central and southern Sierras you can discover the national Park Cotopaxi (60 km South of Quito) and the town of Banos with a mild subtropical climate and stunning landscapes. 

The Northern lowland and the coast are situated in the mountain ranges. The main touristic attractions of the region - the beautiful shores and forests, with the latter recognized to be one of the few places on the Earth where the natural community has survived almost untouched by human activity. The string of resort towns South of Esmeraldas is the most popular destination for marine recreation in the country.

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