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Dominica is the largest state of the chain of Windward Islands of the Caribbean region. Dense tropical forests cover the sleeping slopes of volcanoes. Dominica has unique natural and geological features, that its flora and fauna are often called as "The Nature Island". Volcanic rocks and tuff frame the island shores. The ocean is crystal clear and rather calm on the Caribbean and more violent on the Atlantic coast. These are the best places for sports fishing and whale watching in the Caribbean.

On a picturesque peninsula there is a national Park with coral reefs and the largest swamp of the island. Nearby lies "Kariba" -, surrounded by plantations of bananas and breadfruit.

Almost the entire territory of the country has outlet springs with unique composition of the water. They are very picturesque and small local geysers.

National Park Morne Trois Piton is rich in mineral salts "emerald lake, emerald Pool, and several smaller crater lakes. The interesting inhabitants of these places - large tree frogs, more than 20 species of lizards, 13 species of bat, 55 species of butterflies, the famous boa constrictor boa constrictor and four other species of snakes.

Dominica has perfect places for scuba diving.

Motor and sailing boats ply along the coast, providing excellent opportunities for dive trips and sightseeing tours. East coast has significantly more turbulent water with high surf, but there are several excellent sandy areas.

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