Djibouti Information & Trip Planning

Djibouti is a relatively seldom visited by travelers country. Unforgettable sun rise over the desert lakes inhabited by pink flamingos rising "on the wing" with the first rays of the sun, Black lava field, fantastic natural volcanic chimneys, ordinary for Great African Rift area, enduring at the surface of scalding volcanic gases, endless lifeless plains "Martian landscape" – these all can be seen in this African country. And, at the same time, a completely ordinary beautiful, deserted coastline, the magnificent underwater coral reefs of the Red sea, make diving in these places incredibly attractive.

The country consists almost only of the port cities.

The best beaches are near the town  Doral and less accessible Choir-Ambado.

Sabieh schosse crosses two unique, perfectly flat desert plains - petite Vara and the Grand Bar, which serve as Windsurfing on wheels stadium. Within 10 km from the town of Tadjoura there are several peaks that exceed 1300 m and excellent coral reefs that are available for diving and are close enough to the shore.

There are also beautiful coral reefs, but diving here is considered to be quite complex and dangerous due to local currents. However – this place is very popular.

Djibouti is also a lake country. Lake Assal lies in a hollow in 153 m below sea level, and is a wilderness, surrounded by fields of lava. The Lac Lip filled with sea water is known to locals as "the pit of demons", because of apocalyptically twisted by volcanic forces isthmus.

Djibouti map

Popural cities in Djibouti