Democratic Republic of the Congo Information & Trip Planning

Democratic Republic of the Congo is the country in Central Africa. It is a poor land which has over 250 nationalities and ethnic groups.The country's capital - the city of Kinshasa is a pure city, especially in comparison with the other African capitals. Lubumbashi city is the center of copper smelting.

The country has no unique buildings and attractions. Its main treasure is nature. Virunga National Park is the oldest on the continent. Its main inhabitants are mountain gorillas. Congo river (located between the two Congo countries), runs through the bushy tropical jungle. Congo is translated from Lingala language as the "river that swallows all rivers."

The lovers of unusual places will be curious to see Mobutu Sese Seko lakes named after the dictator who ruled the country 32 years old, Kivu, Mweru and Stanley and Livingstone Falls. You should better take a guide. He can show you the best places for fishing .Coffee plantations should be also seen. Kinshasa has a lovely market where you can buy unique paints - $10 for 4-5 items!

Most comfortable hotels are placed in Kinshasa. They have a closed and protected area, good food and the Internet access."Havre de Paix", Leon "Leon Hotel","Hotel Royal" are perfect for business trips.

Large cities has a kind of a "public transport" - freight cars with DIY seats on the back, but the tourists should avoid them. In large cities hotels have taxi and rent-a -car services. The best variant is to use the services of a guide on his car. It is cheaper than to rent any vehicle by yourself.

Democratic Republic of the Congo map

Popural cities in Democratic Republic of the Congo