Cook Islands Information & Trip Planning

Although Cook Islands are placed far from most of the countries and continents - in Oceania, the interest to this archipelago has been growing. Avarua (the capital) is a home for only 5,500 people.

As a bright representative of the tropical paradise, Cook Islands are an ideal place for "nothing-to-do" leisure - relaxing on the beach and dreaming. When you are tired of such a rest, visit SPA centers, take part in animation programs in hotels, go diving. The islands are perfect also for sailing, windsurfing, fishing, kayaking, trekking, diving. Most hotels have all the necessary equipment.

The main treasure of the islands is their beautiful nature and the amazing underwater world. Many islands attractions were made only for the islands guests to amuse them. For example, Seven and One Coconut Tree is a "complex" having 7 palm trees growing from one point.

The country has many quality hotels offering tourists a wide range of entertainment, swimming pools and beaches. The best hotel complexes are on the coast. Their rooms are decorated in traditional Polynesian style. The budget variant of accommodation is to stay at a hostel or rent a villa for several families.

Cook Islands map

Popural cities in Cook Islands