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Numerous lava fields and a chaos of rocks, framed by thickets of relict forms of vegetation, - that is the natural appearance of these unique Islands. There you can bump into types of plant species and animals that cannot be found anywhere else, and in ocean waters off the coast of Comoros some of the oldest life forms have been discovered. The natural beauty of the islands make Comoros remain one of the most exotic areas of the planet.

Island of Ngazidja has wild and undeveloped appearance. However, these banks attract attention until a few guests - here are concentrated the most interesting historical objects.

The capital, Moroni can be translated from the local dialect "In the fire", which precisely reflects the city's location, at the base forever breathes the heat of a huge volcano with a garage.

Maili is the smallest, the most wild and the least visited island of all of the Comoros. Rich volcanic soil, magnificent forests and beautiful grasslands complemented by picturesque valleys, usually overgrown coconut groves, old plantations of coffee or cocoa, woods, ylang-ylang, or the planting of crops.

The island of Ngwane is famous for forests and rivers, literally "turning" on numerous rapids in the sea of green trees, plantations of exotic palm trees ylang-ylang, thickets of Jasmine, grackle, Basil and orange, scattered everywhere.

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