Colombia Information & Trip Planning

Colombia is abundant with ancient Indian cities and chic coastal resorts. Most of the country is under equatorial and sub-equatorial climate influence. Climate of Cordillera highlands is mountainous, in the foothills - close to the tropical.

Ocean water is very rough, so one should be cautious choosing the place for swimming. Also tidal currents are strong enough nearby Colombian coast.

Stopping in Colombia, better choose the hotels comprised in COTELCO (Colombian Hotel Association).

Santa Marta and Cartagena are fashionable coastal resorts nearby the Caribbean shore; the "resort isles" Providencia, San Andres and Santa Catalina are very popular as well.

The colonial city Gatavita is famed for an ancient sacral center and Indians holy lake "muiska".

Popayan is a distinctive and well-kept colonial city of Colombia, founded in XVI century. There are numerous churches and several interesting museums opened.

Cali is the town situated at 3000ft above sea. Its places of interest are cathedral Iglesia de la Merced (an oldest one in Cali), Iglesia de San Antonio church and Plaza de Toros de Kanaberaleho (meet of traditional corridas).

Leticia is the main tourist point in the east of Colombia. Main local place of interest is the "Monkey Island" Isla de Los Mikos.

The most interesting events here are the San Andrés ceremony of Coconut coronation and the National Contest of Beauty in Cartagena, Carnival in Pasto, Barranquilla Carnival, Film Festival in Cartagena, cycling Tour of Columbia.

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