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Chile is a miraculous place. The beauty of untouched nature that is presented by dreamy mountain ranges and bright colored landscapes goes together with lifeless deserts where the stones rule. The proximity of ocean currents to the rocky shores creates breathtaking effects of misty beaches. Moreover, Chile is full of old ancient stories of its local cities that can be examined. People of Chile  are very colorful and original due to their traditions and customs.

El Norte that is represented by deserts, semi-desert and wastelands takes place at the Peru border. There are several oases here. This place haven’t seen rain for thousand years and climate is extremely dry. But the ability of rare minerals attracts crowds of tourists here. North-East of the country is absolutely different. Mountain valleys and peaks, full of life are ideal place for hiking, mountaineering and other variants of eco-tourism.

La Serena city - an important center of Chile with its cultural and economical features and also the oldest places in the country.

Atacama Desert is an absorbing place and simultaniosly the driest and the most dreadful place on the planet. Don't forget about local cities. Built mostly on the place of pre-Columbian towns, they bear a unique fingerprint time.

Chile is a comfortable area for modern life. Here is a rather mild climate, lush and rich vegetation and lots of charming historic towns.

Santiago de Chile is a contemporary city, spread over the huge area of the same name, placed between the mountains 100 km away from the ocean. The capital, economic and also a cultural center of Chile, is a home to over than 5.5 million residents.

Valparaiso, or as the locals say - Valpo, is the port of Chile and the second largest city of the country. Just 10 km to the North of Valparaiso the major beach resort of Chile lies - Viña del Mar.

The South-Central Chile is sure to be the most picturesque area of the Earth. The majestic Andes Mountains are framed here by hundreds of crystal rivers, and young cones of ancient volcanoes reflected in the smooth surface of lakes, mountain slopes full of relict plants or vineyards, and the local people are the descendants of the proud and warlike Indians Mapuche.

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