Central African Republic Information & Trip Planning

The Central African Republic is placed in the heart of Africa. The state has diamonds, gold, oil, uranium and other minerals. However it is one of the poorest countries on the Black Continent.

Despite the low level of security and lack of infrastructure, the CAR is interesting to travelers. Picturesque landscapes and old cultural traditions of local residents deserve attention.

The inquisitive traveler will find interesting objects in any corner of the globe. The capital, Bangui, has a large international Bangui Mpoko airport, Boganda National Museum, the Central Market. The building of the museum is a classic example of colonial style.

The exhibition presents a collection of of folk crafts: musical instruments, ritual masks, pottery. Ebony hand-made masks are unique. Watching the life of African tribes is extremely curious.

There are 5 national parks in CAR, and Andre Felix is the largest one. Andre Felix is ​​also the oldest park, with both forests and savannas. Hundreds of birds species, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, leopards, panthers, lions, crocodiles live on its territory. Waterfalls near the town aale are stunnig,especially in July - October.

Shopping in CAR is a different thing. Avoid buying any food from local markets, better visit stores. The most popular goods after vodka in Central Africa is the hair. They are sold even in grocery stores. 95% of black women have wigs. Black women of CAR hide their curly hair under the real, but fake straight locks.

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