Cape Verde Information & Trip Planning

Cape Verde is a splendid combination of wild pure nature and qualitative service. The tourists come to observe the distinctive underwater places. Moreover, Cape Verde is a proper center of windsurfing, also it’s a sport fishing center.

The archipelago which accommodates Cape Verde comprises 15 isles, which are joined in leeward and windward unions.

Cape Verde climate is tropical. Permanent winds help to bear heat in summer.

Wide beaches are unfrequented and free. Sal island is the most visited place. Santo Antao differs thanks to the scenic ghat; Fogo is  renowned for an active volcano, its last eruption noted in 1995. Isle of Brava is named "the Flowers island", Santiago - "the capital” island dominating in population and territory.

Chief town of San Visente, Mindelo,  known as a centre of night life of Cape Verde, often welcomes vivid carnivals and festivals.

Diving is gaining urge as another outdoor sports here. The state possesses plenty of available places for dives: reefs, wrecks, caves that serve as a habitation for distinctive fauna. The islands abound in dive centers, offering dipping for novices and pros.

Cape Verde map

Popural cities in Cape Verde