Burundi Information & Trip Planning

Although Burundi a tiny country near African Great Lakes is rich in minerals it was called the poorest area where people are happy if their lifespan is 40 years at least. Tourists do not visit this land on purpose - to rest. Mostly extreme tourists come there, the lovers of pure untouched nature and scientists.

Lake Tanganyika is the main attraction of this area. The lake has got deep clean waters. Locals love their lake and do not throw garbage on the coast. Lake Tanganyika is the perfect place where you can relax and swim. The beach is sandy and clean,and it does not resemble "traditional" African beaches. There you can even visit a sea restaurant, rent a beach chair and umbrellas. Besides resting near the lake, safari is popular. Bujumbura - Burundi capital - is built on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The word "Bujumbura" stands for the "market where they sell potatoes."

Staying in this country visit ;the National Museum of Burundi. It will tell you about the main historical events of the country. The exhibitions display the story of the country’s monarchy, national dresses of Burundi, national drums and other musical instruments.

The country has an international airport. Public transport is represented by taxis, buses and motorbikes. Burundi is not a popular country, so the choice of hotels there is modest. The service depends on the cost of the room. Most hotels are concentrated in the capital, Bujumbura. All of them are located in the center close to the governmental offices and the business center.

Burundi map

Popural cities in Burundi