Brunei Information & Trip Planning

A tiny country Brunei ( the south-east side of Asia),  is placed close to Malaysia and Indonesia, so it shares many religious and cultural traditions with these countries.The capital of Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan is the largest city in Brunei.

A journey to Brunei is a unique opportunity to experience all the delights of Asian resorts and feel the intrigue of Islamic culture. The most popular attractions among tourists are Pekan Seria Mosque, the Mosque of Omar Ali Sayfundina, Friendship Bridge "Malaysia-Brunei", Sultan's Palace, a village on the water Kampong Ayr,and the village of Rum-Budayya.

There are many museums in the country, however shopping at Tamu Tutong Kampong Serambagan local market is equivalent to a long excursion to the national ethnographic museum. The market has all the features of the original culture. A bottle of Brunei oil or figurine in the form of the royal mosque can become cute souvenirs you will bring home. Sultan's residence in Kuala Bela is opened to visitors and can be called a museum as well.

Besides cultural rest Brunei offers the beach relax.  Borneo island is almost the 'iconic" place to visit  when you come to the country. You will see the fantastic world under water. Tutong resort is ideal for a beach holiday. There are flat sandy beaches and plenty of greenery. Bandar Seri Begawan is a resort  with many unique architectural structures, mosques, public buildings. The National Park placed there presents a unique species of equatorial vegetation and wildlife.

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Popural cities in Brunei