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Situated in the South America, Brazil is one of the most captivating angles of this huge world! Hot and passionate, exotic and tropical, bold and daring, adventurous and vibrant ... Perhaps these are the words that can best describe this truly fascinating country of hot latin dances and music, frozen-in-time colonial towns and ultra-modern megapolises! If the white-sand captivating beaches and foamy ocean waves make this country the best destination for surfers and swimmers, the dramatic landscapes of red-rock canyons along with idyllic tropical islands and thundering amazing waterfalls will no way leave nature adoreres indifferent! Just imagine what impetuous feelings will cover you from head to toes just at the sight of any nature scene in Brazil! It is not in vain, that Brazil is nowadays considered as the only paradise on the Earth!

Do you wish to step into the amazing world of such incomparable contrasts as colling breeze and scorching sun, immense water areas and greenish jungles, then Brazil is always there waiting to provide you with unforgettable feelings! Here you will come across the largest collection of animal and plant species that can be met nowhere else on the Earth!

However, among the most famous attractions of Brazil the famous celebration Carnaval has its honorable leading place! This celebration gathers tourists from all over the world each year to enjoy the carefree "joie de vivre"!

Storming through Brazil's all towns and cities with dynamic music and hip-shaking frevo and samba dances, Carnaval remains as the worldwide famous Brazil brand! All the costumes people wear during this celebration are dazzling and colorful representing various birds and animals, flowers and plants of this magnificent country!

Yet, the fact that Carnaval is held only once a year with the duration of a couple of weeks does not mean Brazilians dance only during that period. On the contrary, just walking along Brazil's streets you will be amazed and surprised with the large quantity of clubs and cafes as well as outdoor dance floors where people dance selflessly! Perhaps there is no Brazilian that can not compete with a European professional dancer! You will be surprised at the great enthusiasm and tender Brazilians will teach you to dance samba just outdoors! Combining this amazing feelings with a cooling national cocktail of Brazil Caipirinha you will have a complete fun time! The attractive powerful drumbeats will follow you as in Rio's atmospheric samba clubs so through crowded Salvador streets. So, regardless where you travel in Brazil you will always here the dynamic sounds of Brazilian music.

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. On the East side it is bounded by the Atlantic ocean and borders on Guyana, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. This country has a rich and interesting history dating back to ancient times when the territory of the country was inhabited with indigenous people. What referes the climate of Brazil, it is diverse and quite surprising! As the territory of Brazil is immensely wide, it has several zones. For instance the Northern part of the country near the Equator is greatly wet and dry in respective seasons. Meanwhile the part that lays South under Sao Paulo is distinguished as the most "normal" area with every season. Yet, Brazilian weather can be wholly characterized as changeable and surprising! You can have a scorching sun that is immediately followed with a significant cold. Meanwhile the bright sun can yield to hard rain in a minute! However, the warm climate Brazil features is perfect to enjoy swimming, surfing, sunbathing and simply wandering along Brazilian streets.

Nevertheless, if you are once in Brazil do not forget to visit the wonderful caves in Chapada Diamantina, all Rio de Janeiro's sights including the incredible beaches, the Historic Center of Olinda, Morro de Sao Paulo Bahia, Amazon river and National park and of course the Christ the Redeemer statue on Corcovado mountain!

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