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Bolivia is known as the most mountainous state isolated from the outside world and a multinational country wherein 37 official languages are adopted! Here the driest, wettest and the saltiest latitudes of the Earth are located.

Arriving in Bolivia, one can be delighted by the view of the Cordillera peaks, plunge into the contemplation of the Uyuni salt desert, hear the twitter of exotic birds in the Amazon jungle, and then walk on cozy streets in Sucre. It’s also possible to buy a pair of socks of the fluffy alpaca here!

There is no single climatic zone in Bolivia as a variety of heights and the landscape is quite significant. In general, there  is tropical and sub-equatorial climate on plains and continental in mountains.

Two Bolivian poles of extreme temperatures are Puerto Suarez with his searing heat and Uyuni desert, known for icy piercing wind.

Each of the national cultures of Bolivia creates own authentic things. It is worth drawing attention to the wood products, ceramics, textiles, cloths, woven shoulder bags – all of bright colors.

Bolivia repletes with monuments of pre-Columbian civilizations, the Spanish colonial architecture and stunning natural beauty. The authentic peculiarities of life of numerous Indian peoples of Bolivia also should be mentioned.

Today there are 6 units of this country that have been added to the UNESCO list. These are the town of Potosi, the silver production centre, Jesuit missions in the lands of the Chiquitos Indians, the historic center of Sucre, archaeological parks Tiwanaku and El Fuerte, Noel Kempff Mercado National Park.

Lake Titicaca, which separates Bolivia from Peru, is another visited place. Situated at an altitude of 2.3 miles above sea, the lake is surrounded by emerald green hills and mountains with snowy peaks.

Uyuni is a salt desert which represets the rarest landscapes of the planet. Desert stretches over 8 sq. miles, the thickness of the salt cover reaches 30ft. It’s crazy beautiful and completely silent here, and sunset shadows seem to stretch for a mile.

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