Bhutan Information & Trip Planning

Bhutan is a very small country in Himalayas. Its beautiful and clean capital Thimphu combines Buddhist traditions and European conservatism. Since tourism is the main source of income of Bhutan, the country guests get a great attention. Local hotels are strictly checked  and classified, the best services, delicious food, hot water  are offered. Locals are hospitable, many of them offer rooms to rent.

The local architecture is a magnet for tourists. Everything is built in traditional style, even homes for poor people. If anyone dares to build a different house, it will be destroyed officially. The main attraction is a Buddhist monastery Takstang  ("Tiger's Lair"), the business card of the country.

The greatest Buddhist shrine has 8 temples. It stands on a cliff - the height of 3.000 meters scares some untrained tourists.The building of Bhutan's National Museum is a former prison built in the XVI century. Its collection includes Buddhist relics, the Bhutanese national dresses, tableware and jewelry.

Although Bhutan has a difficult terrain and mountains everywhere, its roads are in good condition. Residents use buses. Southern slopes of the Himalayas are ideal for outdoor activities - trekking and rafting. Bhutan depends on India, which supplies the country with food (hunting and fishing is forbidden). The government cares about the environment, there are no plants and fabrics. This is the land of reserves and national parks. So the tourist coming there will feel himself on  a paradise land.

Bhutan map

Popural cities in Bhutan