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"By itself", Belgium is not much visited by tourists; the country is a point in the itinerary of the excursion Benelux trip excursion  (includes Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). Overall, Belgium is a prosperous European country with a significant number of well-kept  Middle-Age architectural monuments (especially interesting are local castles: a real gothic!), qualitative hotels and high quality of life (in which Belgium rivals with Switzerland).

However, speaking of Belgium, it would be incorrect to downplay the dignity of the country to the "postcard" attractions. Tours of interest take a significant part: some are crazy about chocolate (as an option - beer), and some come to the country to buy quality diamonds, which is very reasonable, as Belgium offers a fantastic selection of these gems at reasonable average European prices. Finally, do not discount the wealth of the beaches: Belgium boasts stunning seaside and a modern spa resort of Ostend.

Great interest is the castles and fortresses in Belgium: Bouillon, Beley, Dinant Freyr, Stan Van Oydonk, d'Assonvil and Castle of the Counts of Flanders.

The climate in the country is a moderate maritime, mild enough. Precipitation falls mainly in autumn and winter in the form of rain, the rainiest months are April and November.

In Belgium there are typical city hotels. The rooms are generally equipped with telephone and minibar. The country presents the world conventional chain of hotels 2 to 5 stars, but yet most hotels are private. You better choose the least to experience the local flavor. Top Belgian souvenirs are chocolate and fruit beer, tapestries from Bruges and premium Brussels lace.

Belgian cuisine is ordinary, alike the French and has nothing particularly exotic to surprise. In recent years, the Belgians have taken a fancy for Asian cuisine: almost in every town Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants can be found.

There are more than enough attractions in Belgium! The main "must-see" of the countryare Brussels with its Manneken Pis, Antwerp with the Royal Art Museum, the beautiful Cathedral of Our Lady, and Cathedral of St. Gent. Bavo, Liege and its futuristic Calatrava station, "The Queen of the Belgian coast" Ostend and also Bryugge with its famous Belfort tower and plenty of interesting museums.

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