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Southern coast of Barbados is the best place for windsurfing. There is a line of small 3 and 4* hotels, bars, restaurants and disco clubs along the coast. St. Lawrence Gap is known as a place of nightlife.

West coast washed by the Caribbean Sea is famous for its white sandy beaches and quiet waters. East of Barbados is the most attractive and the most unexplored region of the island. Here are wonderful conditions for surfing and wild beaches.

North Barbados is populated the least. There is a wildlife sanctuary in the St. Peter district, the inhabitation of exotic animals.

Most hotels have been concentrated on the west and south coasts of Barbados, around the most attended beaches.

There are lots of duty-free stores situated on the island where you ought to show a passport and a return ticket. Barbados restaurants are known for their diversity: here you can try dishes of national cuisine, and more. Especially popular is the dish from the flying fish and some other seafood. In restaurants a freshly prepared fish costs tourists about 25 BBD and higher.

Rum is regarded one of the hallmarks of Barbados. Dozens of small bars and a range of colorful stores selling rum are spread through the island.

A proper way to observe the places of interest is to purchase a Heritage Barbados Passport which is about 35 USD. It gives an opportunity to attend 16 primary museums, Barbados monuments of nature and architecture with a discount of 50%. Owners of the "passport" are free to accompany two kids up to 12 years.

In spite the external calmness of Barbados life, there can be found a significant number of clubs, bars and discos, including the open air Lights Harbour.

You can take one-day tour to the nearby Caribbean islands, which hosted the shooting of the famous picture "Pirates of the Caribbean", the Dominica island represents dozens of rivers, waterfalls, wild tropical forests and mountains, St. Lucia - untouched nature of the tropics, waterfalls and mountains.

Water sports are rather developed in Barbados: sailing, scuba diving, water skiing and snorkeling.

West Coast is pleasant for fans of diving: there wrecks and picturesque steep reefs are hidden under the water. East Coast is a surfing paradise; the most appropriate place is Soup Bowl. South coast resort Silver Sands is most suitable for windsurfing.

There are also three golf courses of international standing. An annual jazz festival in Barbados is held in January, the event assembles musicians from the world around.


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