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Argentina is located in South America and differs from its neighbours (countries nearby) by no presence of Indian culture monuments and domination of colonial architecture. The mixture of different cultures, beautiful natural conditions, together with the best sea beaches make this land attractive for tourists. The winter there ( June- September) is mild and comfortable, and midsummer - January, when temperatures can rise to + 45 C is less comfortable for rest.

Buenos Aires keeps thousands of  traditions and cultures. The country capital may be called a city of contrasts: the rich business centers are built near the areas with poor Spanish slums. Buenos Aires reminds European capitals with its vibrant nightlife, scientific and historical centers. The city has many wide boulevards, dozens monuments and memorials. The Obelisk- the hallmark of Buenos Aires was erected when the flag of the country was first raised there. Kaminto Outdoor Museum is a paradise for aesthetes and artists. It attracts masters from around the world to display their paintings in the open air. The world known Colon Theater was opened in the capital in 1908.The National Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute of Natural Sciences, Cinema museum - each of these places should be seen. Bohemian youth will love the area of La Boca. There you can dance Argentine tango right in the street.

Iguazu National Park, close to  the border with Brazil is called the world wonder. It has 275 waterfalls and  the largest waterfall - Iguazu. The park has preserved a huge number of rare species of plants, birds and butterflies. To look at the amazing waterfalls over 6.500 visitors every day visit the park.

The noth-west of Argentina is famous for Salta town in mountains. The statue of the Virgin Mary and Christ the Miracle Worker turned this small city into the place visited  by millions of tourists. They say the statue can stop natural disasters, heals people and returns health to everybody.

Those who want to get the best sea rest, dive and relax, visit casinos and stay in the best hotels of Argentina should visit rest in Mar del Plata. This city, which in Spanish means "Silver Sea" is a real temptation for lovers of relaxation by the sea.

Argentine cuisine was formed by immigrants from Europe. Vegetable dishes are mostly used as a garnish or added to complex dishes and salads. Much meat, sausage, vegetable oil, fresh vegetables and fruit are used. Grill is the most popular way to cook food in Argentina.

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