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Andorra is a very old country - the first mention about the Andorrans found in the Latin Chronicles of the II century BC, the country has not a large number of architectural monuments, although it has Roman bridges, the ruins of an Arab Fort and medieval churches. Its high-level resorts are of the level of service and environmental conditions and take the best place among others in mountain areas of Europe. The main thing in Andorra that draws tourists from around the world, is its mountain slopes.

In addition to Alpine skiing in Andorra you can do many other sports, in particular is very popular for Hiking, tours and sled dogs, horse riding and clay pigeon shooting, in which they considered great specialists. The tiny village of Llorts is among the tobacco fields surrounded by ancient mountains. This is one of the almost untouched places in the country (and Western Europe) and is very popular for walking. A 3-hour walk through the valley, to the West of the village, is a popular tourist area - a group of beautiful mountain lakes Estanis del Arenella. 

From mount Borda de Sorteny (1970 m) hiking trail continues to the lakes Estany del Estany and 2915-metre mountain peak known as Del Estany. Nearby the tiny Romanesque Church of Esglesia de Saint-Marti is located and it’s famous for its frescoes of the XII-th century in remarkably good condition. Church of San Juan de Caselles, Saint-Marti de La Cortinada, and Saint-mobiles de Nagol and the arched stone bridge of Saint Anthony are interesting for its unusual architecture.

After receiving permission of the tourist organization, you can try your luck at trout fishing. Being one of the world centers of tourism, Andorra also has a well-developed infrastructure of entertainment - theatres, concert halls, restaurants, dance halls, sports facilities for various sports, etc. Andorra is rich in mineral springs and thermal waters used for medicinal purposes and as a natural heat to provide heating.

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