Afghanistan Information & Trip Planning

Afghanistan is a country located in the Middle East which does not have a single outlet to the sea. The first records about this land date back to 982 year. In ancient times Afghanistan was the major center of migration and trade - the country is located right on the crossroads between East and West. Afghanistan has all chances to become a kind of a bridge between South and Central Asia. The country climate is mostly continental, subtropical and very dry.

Kabul ( the capital) has cold winters. Kandahar city has the mildest climate, Jalalabad weather is closer to the subtropical climate. The highlands of Afghanistan keep a 3-5 meters snowcap almost the entire year. Kabul has more than 500 mosques and a lot of churches of other less common in Muslim world religions. Wazir Akbar Khan, Puli Hishti, Sherpur mosques can be visited.

The National Museum will tell about the country history. Beautiful canyons, ruins of ancient cities and picturesque valleys with unique nature are stunning. In Afghanistan it is not allowed kissing in a public place, you can not take any food with your left hand, brush away crumbs from the table, pass by in front of the person who is praying, touch other people.

Read about Afghan customs before arranging your tour. Traditional Afghan cuisine is presented with pilaf, shish kebab. Stews, rice, cheese are popular. Manufacturing of carpets, pottery and jewelry are well developed in this country. Afghan craftsmen offer gold and silver jewelry, figurines, and candlesticks.

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