Abkhazia Information & Trip Planning

Abkhazia is a young country that takes rather small territory between Russian Federation and Georgia. Being a conflict zone, Abkhazia is not accepted by most countries of the world. Nowadays, the territory is free from military forces and absolutely safe for foreign tourists. The low amount of visitors, the unspoiled of nature and affordable prices of the resorts attract curious personalities.

The country is located in the extremely favorable place: is washed by the Black sea and framed with the Caucasus Mountains. The combination of these factors creates warm and mild climate that is perfect for wine and fruit production and gives wonderful opportunities for beach tourism.

Mountains are full of picturesque waterfalls and karst formations, including one of the greatest world’s caves – New Afon Cave and invite tourist for hiking and getting fresh impressions. Don’t forget to visit the Lake Rits with crystal water. Ski and snowboard lovers are able to enjoy snowy landscapes and extreme slopes and tracks.

Abkhazia has several centers that are especially appreciated by travellers. Sukhumi is known to be one of the oldest cities of Europe that have ancient forts and ruins. Gagra and Pitsunda are ideal for sunbathing and health improving. The cities have several sanatoriums. Local cuisine is presented by meat dishes, original pastry and wine. Cultural sightseeing in Abkhazia is represented by solid and impressive orthodox monasteries, fortress and temples placed in the shore cities.

Abkhazia map

Popural cities in Abkhazia